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About Me

About me. Who am I? It matters very little except for the fact that I'm a servant of the Most High God! The only true God. The God who created the universe from nothing at all just by speaking the word. And the amazing thing is that He's still interested in me for some reason I just can't understand. He's not just interesteded. He loves me! He loves me so much that even when I cared only for myself He was willing to die so I could have eternal life! He loves you that much too and He died for you as well.

He's not dead now though. He's Lord of all and He conquered death, sin, and Hell and He's waiting for you with open arms. It doesn't matter what you've done or how you've spent your life up to this point. He's ready for you to come to Him. Confess your sin and become His servant today. Turn away from the Earthly life you know and He will show you how to live a life of joy and peace beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Don't get joy confused with happiness. You won't always be happy, your life won't always be easy, you won't automatically be rich, in fact God warns us against wanting worldly riches. Rather, we should concern ourselves with the things of His kingdom because that's where all of His servants will spend eternity. When you first give your life completely to God, expect Satan's biggest full frontal assault with everything he's got. But don't worry. God has promised He'll be with you and will sustain you through it. Stay with God and Satan will flee!

I remember when I was 19 years old and I finally decided God could have everything. I had confessed my sins to Him and become His servant when I was barely five years old but I didn't really understand what giving my all to Him meant. I was raised a poor boy by worldly standards so it was pretty easy to tell God He could have everything and really sincerely mean it. But my life? I was 19 years old now and it was time to decide what to do with the rest of my life. What if God wanted me to be a missionary and go to Africa? That would be really difficult and uncomfortable. As I really willing to go that far? What if He just wanted me to stay here and be a preacher? Could I even do that?

I was on my motorcycle headed for work as I pondered these things. Stopped at a traffic light in front of McDonald's I thought about it all. I enjoyed computers but had no money for college and didn't know how I could make enough money to get an education and was tired of school anyway. Again I realized how little I had besides Jesus. I realized how confused I was about where I was going. I thought about a song our young people's group had been singing at church. "I'm yours, Lord. Everything I am, everything I'm not I'm yours, Lord. Try me now and see. See if I can be completely yours."

I told God I didn't want to control my life any more. He was the all wise all powerful creator. Why shouldn't I want Him to have all control. I prayed the most sincere prayer of release of my whole self to Him and His will. I'd be a preacher, a missionary or whatever He wanted me to. Immediately I felt such a feeling of relief it was wonderful. It's hard to believe how wonderful it was.

The light turned green and about 500 yards down the road God changed my life forever. A pickup truck in the right lane suddenly made a left turn across the highway and about three months later in ICU in a hospital in Atlanta I began to realize what had taken place and a few of the ways it would change my life. I'm almost 47 at the time of this writing and have spent most of my life in this wheelchair. I've never stopped believing and trusting Jesus and He's never stopped being there for me.

Since that time I still have the quadriplegia, the head injury with resulting hydrocephalus, the missing pieces (all internal) and things are slowly getting worse with age but with God's help I've gone to school, learned computer programming, held a full time job for the last 25 years, married a beautiful lady from the Southern Caribbean, have three children naturally, plus one adopted and now I'm using the internet and my spare time to tell everyone I can how wonderful my Jesus is. I hope you'll find Him if you haven't already and you'll find out just how good it is to completely trust Him.